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Breathin' Space Mat

$ 166.20 USD



We made this for

  • Centre line to align poses
  • Open Cell maintains grip even during heavy perspiration
  • The PU material is superior traction and natural sticky grip
  • High performance and durability; strong resilience empowers the practice
  • Good quality of eco-friendly rubber at the bottom layer for stability and elasticity

※ No free mat bag attached.

Size:66cm (W) x 186cm (L) x 4.2mm (T) (±0.5) 
Material:70% Rubber + 30% Polyurethane

【Use & Care】

※ To prevent mat surface damage, please avoid wearing any hard or sharp accessories during practice.
※ Keep away from direct sunlighand and high temperatures every time when use and store your mat.
※ Please wipe your mat with a damp cloth with alcohol (1 part alcohol 3 parts water) and airing in a shaded area to dissipate its smell before first use.
※ PU yoga mat is integrally formed by high temperature natural rubber, and it cannot be rolled or folded during use. Otherwise, wrinkles are prone to occur,and will reduce its service life.

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