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FAQS & Membership

● Shopping Checkout Procedure

● Currently Accepted Payment Methods

 How to check your order status

● Can I modify my order after it has already been placed?

● Coupon usage restrictions

● easyoga Member & VIP program

● Forgot your registered email address?

● Forgot your password/change your password?

● If You have not yet received your order information, or certification

● Customer service information



Shopping Checkout Procedure

In order to make your purchase fast and easy, easyoga will automatically register you as a new member once you placed an order without additional registration in advance.

New user:

Returning Customer:



Please note: Adding an item into the shopping cart does not mean that item will be held for you. Some items may be out of stock by the time you proceed to checkout. Item are reserved for customers after they have been paid for.


Why does the system say that my account already exists?

If you only submitted your registration information and email address, you have not yet completed the verification process. Please retransmit the authentication code, fill in the necessary information, and complete the verification processs.

What payment methods are currently available?


If the bank that issued your card participates in the 3D card verification program, the system will automatically prompt you with a “3D credit card verification” window. Enter the verification password to complete the payment. We utilize extra security features to make your transactions more secure!


3D credit card verification

In order to maintain the highest standard of information security, our website utilizes the “3D credit card verification” system. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and JCB credit cards that are eligible for this feature. After entering the card number and security code, you will be redirected to a new page where you can enter your password. If you have not yet obtained your password, please refer to the issuing bank’s website to obtain one. This password is permanent and only you and your issuing bank should know it, it will not be recorded in our system. You will need to have this password any time you use the 3D verification purchase process. Some banks will issue you password by SMS message everytime when you go through checkout process. 


What is “3D verification”?

The 3D verification service utilizes a global verification technology to improve security for its users. The 3D verification system utilizes advanced encryption technology to prevent unauthorized persons from obtaining the cardholder’s personal information. This service was launched by VISA, Mastercard, and JCB as a proactive measure to improve credit card security. The 3D verification system is an added layer of security for your credit card!

The following is an example of the 3D verification system for a credit card issued by Citibank.


How do I check my order status?

Please use your email address and password to login to your account and check on your order’s status.


I have already placed the order, can I still modify it?

Unfortunately, once an order has been placed it cannot be modified. However, the order can be cancelled if it has not yet been prepared for shipping. If you wish to modify your order, you must cancel your first order, then submit a completely new order.


Restrictions on coupons

Coupons are limited to one order per customer. You may use them online or at one of our two flagship stores in Taiwan (Huashan or Taichung). Please be sure to bring your coupon and any form of identification with you.

A promo code can be applied to your account for one transaction only. If the code you entered is not valid, it could be resulted from the following reasons: 1. the code is incorrect  2. the code is expired 3. the code has been used to your account already 4. the code has been redeemed to other accounts if there are limited user offers.

Please note: If you redeem a coupon online, but need to cancel the order, the system will automatically reinstate the coupons validity after an order is successfully canceled. However, if the order has already been shipped out, the coupon will become invalid for future use and cannot be reused or reissued.
easyoga Member & VIP program

Making purchases both online and at our easyoga Taiwan flagship stores(Huashan or Taichung) will help you accumulate points faster to become a VIP member for VIP benefits, gifts, and preferred service.


Forgot your registered email account?

Please contact customer service for assistance.


Forgot your password or password change requests

Forgot your password: Please enter the login page and from there click the “forgot password” link. Fill in your email address and cell phone number that you used for registrating your account. The system will automatically send you an email with a new password.

Change your password: Please login to your account and click on Personal information/Change password. Type in your new password to confirm the change.


I am unable to receive easyoga certification emails, and order information emails

Please check to make sure that you have added easyoga email address, [email protected], to your accepted contacts list, and that easyoga emails are not being sent to your spam folder.


Customer service information:

Please feel free to contact us during Monday - Friday, 9:00a.m ~ 6:00p.m (GMT+8 Taiwan time), via [email protected]

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