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Mat Finder

The best mat for you will be comfortable and functional. The following table compares the important features of different types of easyoga yoga mats for you to easily choose which one is right for you. We recommend you take your practice frequencey/yoga style/preference into consideration as well.

Product  Travel Friendly Durability Non-Slip

Nadi Vine 
Oriental Floral
Nature Color Wind
Excellent slip resistance and solid support. The mat is suitable for beginners. Its natural pattern design shows your taste.

Mandara LuxPro   
Mandara Performance Mat
Solid structure, durability, and especially good for placing in studio for frequent use.

Premium Eco-Care Mat Gereat slip resistance provides a safe grip. The light and portable mat is easy to carry outdoor.

Premium Natural Rubber Mat Outstanding resilience and traction. The mat suites for advanced yoga practice and excessive sweating workout.

Rubber EZ Travel Mat The foldable mat with dry slip resistance suits advanced yogins to carry for travel.

Breathin' Space Pro Mat Extraordinary resistance, stability and sweat absorption. The mat supports flow movement, gives a safe grip, suitable for advanced yoga practice that makes you sweat a lot.

Breathin’ Aurora Pro Mat Excellent slip resistance and sweat absorption. Lightweight and handle for indoor or outdoor practice. It was designed with eco and aesthetics in mind.

Natural Organic Cotton Mat Made in nature organic cotton with green concept for those are passionate for eco-friendly product. Placing it on other mat for better slip resistance is recommended.




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