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Member & VIP program

Where to find my VIP details?

How to Use VIP Birthday e-Coupons?

Where to Find General Member Details?

■ Member & VIP program
Making purchases both online and at easyoga Taiwan flagship stores(Huashan or Taichung) will help you accumulate points faster to become a VIP member for VIP benefits, gifts, and preferred service.

General Membership
VIP Membership
 Qualification  Place an order online  
With the same account:
Option1: A one-time purchase amounting to over US$400
Option2: Accruing 12,000 points (US$1=30 point) within 180 days
 Validity Permanent One Year
 Benefits  ◆ Accruing 12,000 points (US$1=30 point) within 180 days will make you eligible to upgrade to VIP member
 ◆ Exclusive birthday coupons
 ◆ VIP points(US$1=30 point) can be exchanged for gifts
The accumulated points from purchase will be cancelled automatically if they do not reach 12,000 points within 180 days from the first purchase date, and then recount accordingly.  The easyoga VIP membership will be automatically extended for one year when the member made an accumulative spending of US$180 or the VIP membership and the accumulated points will be cancelled.
1. Points will take effect after 10 business days from your purchase date.
2. If you return an item, the points will be cancelled accordingly.

※ International orders:
 ◆ Get 30 reward points for spending $1 USD
 ◆ All prices will be calculated in USD, and there is no 10% discount for VIPs



■ Where to find my VIP details?
Please sign in your account and find "VIP Membership" page as below,

■ How to Use VIP Birthday e-Coupons?
1.) Vip member can find her Birthday eCouponin in the resigstred account at webiste and use it when shopping online (limited to one order per account).
2.) You can use the eCoupon online or at one of our two flagship stores in Taiwan (Taipei or Taichung). Please be sure to bring your ecoupon and any form of identification with you.
3.) If you redeem a coupon online, but need to cancel the order, the system will automatically reinstate the coupons validity after an order is successfully canceled. However, if the order has already been shipped out, the coupon will become invalid for future use and cannot be reused or reissued.

■ Where to Find General Member Details?
Please sign in your account and find "Membership" page as below,

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