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  • 一份公益∙使命∙愛
    More than a Business

    – our Faith & Love

More than a Business

– our Faith & Love

easyoga x Cloudie Artist-in-Residence Program

easyoga invites the artist, Cloudie, to reside at our Taichung store and create works of art to share with anyone who makes a visit. Cloudie has already completed eight different pieces, and a wall mural.


By working with artists, easyoga hopes to help promote appreciation for the arts and humanities while also raising awareness for the environment.

Peony Day-II

I built a boat with lovely Peony. 
Sailing under the smiling Moon, and doing Yoga in the bright with tender petals around me.

Poppy Kitty

Poppy field is the most beautiful dream to me. 
No matter how strange this world might be, I will always face it with graceful and confident, and keep realizing my pretty dream.