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Cancel & Return

 Cancel order:

1. You can cancel an order for any reasonbefore it is in stock. Please go to Account>Order to find your order number,and press the "Cancel Order" button. Please select the reason forcanceling the order and send it. The system will cancel the order for youimmediately.


2. After easyoga receives the ordercancellation notice, it will complete the credit card refund operation within 7working days. Due to the different refund procedures of each bank, theprocessing time is about 7-14 working days. If you need to check the progressof the refund, please contact your card-issuing bank for confirmation after 10working days.

Please note: If the time for the bank to process the refund hasexceeded the settlement date of your credit card statement, the refunded amountwill appear in the next bill. If you need to confirm the refunded amounturgently, it is recommended to contact your card-issuing bank Contact, thankyou.


3. If the goods you ordered or the orderinformation you provided are incorrect and need to be changed (includingdelivery method, address, telephone number and payment method), please cancelthe original order first and place a new order. Sorry, we cannot provide manualmodification service.

 Exchange instructions :

1. easyoga is unable to provide exchangeservices, as exchanges may be subject to conditions such asstyle/price/inventory differences. If the product does not meet your needs,please be sure to apply for a return within the 7-day hesitation period andcomplete the return according to the process. Return requests will not beaccepted after the deadline.

 Return instructions :

1. Click "Contact Us" to provideyour order number, or after logging in, click the "Orders" tab in the"Member Center" to find the order you want to return/exchange.

2. Use the "Message" function atthe bottom of the order to contact us and inform us of the items that need tobe returned/exchanged. We will get back to you as soon as possible on workingdays.

3. After we confirm that the order can bereturned/exchanged, we will arrange for the original order delivery address tobe picked up at home (it cannot be changed after the arrangement, please informus in advance if you want to change). If the goods are recovered and confirmedto be correct, the original payment method will be used Please refer to theactual bill details received for refund and credit time.

 Refund calculation method:

1. If the original order consumption amountis less than the free shipping standard due to the return, the shipping fee ofthe original order will be deducted from the refund.

2. If the return results in the amount ofthe original order not reaching the full amount, it must be sent back togetherwith event gifts or purchased products at an additional price. If there is noreturn, the refund fee will be calculated after deducting the pricing of thegift/add-on product. If you purchase a product with a discount, if you returnone item, the other item will be treated as a single purchase and will becalculated back to the original price.

3. If the product you purchased is the sameitem as the product purchased at an additional price, and there is a demand forreturn, the product purchased at an additional price will be recognized as areturned product first.

4. If the product is reordered due todefective/incorrect products, we will assist in paying the logistics costs ofthe new order (only applicable to reordering the original item, and this is theonly product in the new order).

5. After easyoga receives the product, itwill complete the credit card refund operation within 7 working days.

6. Due to the different refund proceduresof each bank, the processing time is about 7-14 working days. If you need tocheck the progress of the refund, please contact your card-issuing bank forconfirmation after 10 working days.


 International Return:

1. International Delivery return requestscannot be accepted.