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 About shopping

Q: If you shop from a store first, how do you place an order on the official website in the future?

A: When a physical store customer registers as a member through a mobile phone number or email at a store, they will receive a password setting text message or email to remind the customer to complete the password setting and complete the registration.


Q: Pressed "Forgot Password" but did not receive a notification letter?

A: The password setting letter may fall into the junk mail. If you have not received the mail after a period of time,you can check the junk mail box, or search for the subject of the mail[password reset request].


Q: How to re-pay after credit card payment failure?

A: If the credit card payment fails or the time out screen pops up, you can only re-order, but you cannot re-enter or use other payment methods for payment.



 Customer Service Info

Please feel free to contact us during Monday - Friday, 9:00a.m ~ 6:00p.m (GMT+8 Taiwan time), via service@greenvogue.com