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■ Making purchases both online and at our easyoga Taiwan flagship stores(Xinyi or Taichung) can accumulate together to become a VIP member for more benefits.

■Birthday Gift voucher& E-Coupons

  • General Membership: The birthday shopping credit of NT:100 will be automatically sent to the member's account by the system at 00:00 on the "day" of the birthday.
  • VIP Membership: The 85% discount will be sent to the member's account "within 7 days before the current month" of the birthday. Please log in to your account to view the available coupons. Members can only use it once. Please enter the coupon code yourself when checking out the shopping cart.

■Directions of Membership Upgrade 

  • General Membership: The system pushes back the cumulative consumption amount for 6 months based on your latest consumption record. If the threshold of the next stage is reached, the membership level will be automatically upgraded in the morning of the next day of consumption. The validity period of easyoga VIP membership is the date of your consumption +12 months.
  • VIP Membership: NO.

■Directions of Membership Renewal

Every morning in the early hours of the morning, the system will confirm the accumulated consumption of members and update the membership qualification, so when the accumulated consumption reaches the threshold, the qualification will take effect the next day.

  • General Membership: NO.
  • VIP Membership: The system will count backward from the expiry date to calculate the accumulated NT$5,000 of the member's membership in the past 12 months to determine whether to extend the membership validity period on the next day.

■ Directions of gift voucher

1. Gift voucher can both use online and at our easyoga Taiwan flagship stores(Xinyi or Taichung)

2. When the order reaches over NT$1,000, it can be redeemed as gift voucher

3. Consumers can choose to redeem any amount within the upper limit of the gift voucher amount, or choose not to discount the gift voucher.

4. If the order is canceled, the official website gift voucher will be refunded, and if it has expired, it cannot be refunded.

5. If there is a need to return the order, the official website gift voucher will not be returned, please note.